Hattie and Masters talk assessment

Great article here about assessment featuring two of Australia’s leading lights on the matter: https://www.teachermagazine.com.au/articles/podcast-special-john-hattie-and-geoff-masters-in-conversation They actually say a lot of stuff I wasn’t expecting. It is interesting how often great thinkers get misunderstood – especially John Hattie. It is heartwarming to note how much he rates Australian teachers! I guess not everyone, not even… Read More Hattie and Masters talk assessment

Playing games

School is often quite boring for students and teachers. So, if we can learn by playing games, why shouldn’t we? While ‘fun’ isn’t necessarily the best reason for introducing games or gamification elements into your teaching practice, its a pretty convincing one! Play is an essential part of our learning, as indeed it is for… Read More Playing games