I offer professional development on assessment that can help teachers to find students’ point of readiness and target teaching to greatly improve student outcomes.

  • I can help empower teachers to develop high quality skill-based rubrics
  • I can assist your school to develop a developmental learning progression from these rubrics and the data you gather
  • I can facilitate the creation of targeted interventions to help student skill growth

I have produced a composite rubric for history and geography skills (with accompanying targeted teaching interventions) that your school can use as a starting point.

I can provide professional assessment to your school in any format you require, from day long PD sessions to attendance at team meetings, phone or email assistance and support.

I’ve created a few simple instructional videos about how to write rubrics and the quality criteria that go in them.

How to write rubrics:

How to write quality criteria:

I’ve also developed composite rubrics for history and geography, linked to targeted activities that assist students to improve their skills.

Using this assessment system overall, teachers can find out where there students are ready to learn, and provide them with learning experiences targeted to that level.

I have also developed a system to create a developmental progression from the results of marking assignments. A very simplified version of it is here:

Framework Development

If you want help writing rubrics, developing a data-gathering process, making progressions, or any other assessment support, drop me a line: