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Giant rubrics with targeted activities

These giant rubrics have heaps of targeted activities included in them:

Composite rubric – History

Composite rubric – Geography

History extension booklets

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History – Ancient Greece extension booklet

History – Australian federation extension booklet

History – Conquistadors and Aztecs extension booklet

History – Japan under the shoguns extension booklet

History – medieval Europe extension booklet

Geography extension booklets

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Geography – food security extension booklet

Geography – Place and liveability extension booklet

Geography – rainforests extension booklet

Geography – trade extension booklet

Geography – urbanisation extension booklet

Geography – water extension booklet

History stuff

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Causes and effects

Comparing continuity and change

Massive list of adjectives

Peer Learning Research Project

Ötzi the Iceman Video Questions

Historical Inquiry Questions


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Assessment on the Go

Exercise book rubric

Mechanics of Writing Checklist

Plagiarism Notice

Relevant – Believable – True

Thinkers Keys

Wider reading challenges

online search strategy summary

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