One lesson games


Year 9 History

Unit: Medieval Europe

A Sweet Introduction to the Medieval Feudal System – Penelope Valk

A practical lesson teaching the key concepts of the medieval feudal system in a class role-play.

A Peasant’s Life – unknown

In this simple snakes and ladders type game, learners will find out about the different things that befell medieval Europeans.


Year 7 Geography

Unit: Resources

 “Mining Wars” – Ben Lawless

A game where students play the part of CEO, mining executives and geologists. They pick a mineral to mine, work out how to mine and export it, and decide who to sell it to and for how much.

Instructions for the teacher:

Instructions for the students:

Information packs for each of the three roles:

Unit: Resources

Imperium – Ben Lawless

Students have to decide which resource to mine, and which animals and plants to farm. With this earned money they buy energy resources and environmental protection. Try to create lots of jobs and not get voted out.

Year 8 Geography

Unit: Urbanisation / Changing Nations

“MEGABOSS” – Ben Lawless

A game where students play the part of the mayor of an Asian megacity.

The cities you can choose from:

The push and pull factors of each city – these are the things students can choose to spend their money on:

Scoresheet the students use:

The spreadsheet with what happens when you spend money:

Teacher instructions:

Any year level – Geography

GeoPictionary – Ben Lawless

Exact same rules as Pictionary – students draw a card and have to draw what is on it, getting their team to guess the clue. Print this out double-sided for a set of your own cards:

Population game – Ben Lawless

In this card game, give each student 5 or so cards. Then place one card face up and the rest are the ‘draw from’ pile. Student go around placing a card either to the left or the right of the card face up, saying they think their card shows a group with either higher or lower population. The cards have on them things like country populations, populations of religions and populations of first language speakers. Over time students will learn how large countries, religions and language groups are. The file below should be printed out double sided on either cardboard or laminated:


Any year level – Economics / Business

ASX Sharemarket trading game – Ben Lawless

Give students say $10,000. Tell them the starting prices of each stock. Let them buy and sell. Then tell them the stock prices for the next month, and so on…


Any year level

Chance Island

This awesome pick-a-path type game would be great for Grade 4-8, but I think anyone would find it fun!