Evidence and Data for Leaders

The PowerPoint presentation:

Evidence and Data for Leaders

The excel spreadsheet that you can use to gather a class’ worth of rubric data. It can also generate  PDFs of each rubric, one per student:

MyRubric ver 2.4

The excel spreadsheet that you can use to create Guttman charts. You can put a class’ worth of results into it to get a Guttman chart. You can also put a whole year level’s worth of data and get it to create a Guttman chart. It will sort the skills from easiest to hardest. You can use this to create a developmental progression of skills:

Guttman boss

Here is a progression created using the above method:

Year 7 History skill progression

After getting some pre-test data on students, what kinds of things could you do with the data? Here are some ideas:

What you could do with pre-test data


If you have any questions about this material, or want some help, send me an email!Untitled-1