Sequence is a simple card game that teaches students historical timelines. There are four games, each one linked to a year level in the Victorian and Australian curricula.


Each card has the name of an historical event or period on one side with a picture of it. On the other side is the same, but also includes the date and a short paragraph describing the event or period.


The rules of the game are simple. Deal some cards to each student playing (2-8 players recommended). Turn one face up (date showing). Students take turns taking cards from their hand and placing them before or after the card shown, if they get it wrong, they must take another card from the pick-up pile. The object of the game is to get rid of all your cards. Over time, the cards on the table form a timeline of events and periods.


Played repeatedly, this game develops historical skills and knowledge:

  • sequencing historical events and periods
  • using context to work out answers
  • understanding cause and effect
  • identifying continuity and change
  • comparing different civilisations
  • knowledge: understanding of the most important events and periods of specific civilisations within a historical era

You can buy these games direct from the US printer and have sent to you (I don’t make any money of this):