Greenville is an environmental simulation game. It was designed for Year 4 students but can be played by anyone aged about 9 or over.

In the game, students are assigned to one of 9 roles: miner, farmer, citizen, scientist, park ranger, investor, government, builder or ‘the Fates’.

Participants have to solve 12 environmental problems by collaborating and using their unique resources in combination. The problems are air pollution, endangered snow tiger, poor soil, deforestation, sea level rise, ocean rubbish, insect invasion, drought, water scarcity, ozone layer damage, overfishing and plastic pollution.




Game Documents

Instruction manual:

Here is a list of all the Greenville challenges:

In the original version of the game, the Fates would read out some ‘advice’ every ten minutes

I actually found the kids were too awesome and didn’t need the advice…

Here is where you can find the skills Greenville teaches in the Australian Curriculum:

Here are name tags for the teams:

Here is the spreadsheet I used to plan the game on, hopefully you can decipher it!

Here is a PowerPoint I use to introduce the game. There are two versions, the short and the long:

Here’s a document for recording student roles:

Here’s something you can print up in A3 and stick on the wall while they are playing. It gives them the process to be used when solving problems:

Also, you might need to download this font to see all the game files properly:

Here are some documents that were used to make the board and pieces:

Here are the files I use for their lanyards while they are playing:

Another person has made their own Greenville board, check it out:

This is my version:

With this on top of the table:

Most of the pieces are just random things from 3D printer, eBay, second hand toys and discount stores…

If you’d like more information about this simulation game, and how to play it, get in touch: