Making history games

These materials are from a presentation at the HTAV conference 2017. Below you’ll find information relating to the talk.Untitled-1

Here is the PowerPoint from the presentation:

Making history games

Here’s the more full list of connections between Bloom’s Taxonomy and game types:


Here’s a more full list of connections between games and types of knowledge:


Here is a list of pitfalls to avoid when making games:


Here’s a list of ‘best practices’ when making games:


Stuff I’ve made

I now sell a timeline learning card game – check it out here.

game ideas – here is a collection of ideas for games from Years 7-10, one for each type of game.

Mining Wars – a one lesson game about teaching students about mining in Australia (targeted to a Year 7 Australian curriculum geography course)

HistorySMASH – Greece – a history game that aims to teach ancient Greek history. Not just test it but actually teach it. Needs a bit more work but a lot of content here to turn it into something…

Imperium Game – a one lesson game designed for teaching students about resources (targeted to a Year 7 Australian curriculum geography course)

MegaBOSS – a game you would play maybe 10 minutes per lesson over 3 lessons. It teaches students about which push and pull factors are most important (targeted to a Year 8 Australian curriculum geography course). “MegaBOSS” because students are put in the position of running an Asian megacity, and working out which push and pull factors there money is best spent on. Their mayor approval rating goes up or down depending on their choices.

ASX Sharemarket Game – a sharemarket game. Give students say $10,000 and they buy and sell shares. Announce each new days share price and they calculate how much money they’ve now got. Repeat until the end…

population game – Population game. A game where students have to list different countries / religions / continents / languages in order of population.

GeoPictionary – a straightforward version of Pictionary with geography keywords.

EarthCraft – an international political simulation that throws students in the deep end and asks them to solve all the world’s real problems (!). I’m trying to turn this into a published game in the next year or so.

Planetology – another complex simulation game, this time more environmental / geography and aimed at Year 10s.

Greenville – a simulation aimed at Grade 4s to teach them about environmental problems, teamwork, problem solving and creative thinking.

Other games

A Sweet Introduction to the Medieval Feudal System – a game invented by a HTAV contributor

Peasants_life_game – a snakes and ladders type game


Learning history through video games

An example of gamification of history from the USA

Online history games from the BBC

A list of video games that teenagers can get into about history

History games and animations


If you’d like to be kept in the loop about some upcoming stuff I’m making – like the board game version of EarthCraft or anything else, drop me a line!