Giant developmental rubrics with targeted activities

These giant rubrics have heaps of targeted activities included in them.

I’ve been working on these since 2016 and I try and update these files when I can.

They have a huge composite rubric on the first page. Each box highlighted has a targeted activity linked to that skill – get students to do that activity to help them develop that skill.

Just click on the link in the highlighted box and it scrolls down the document to where the activity is. Then to go back to the top just click “back to top”.

I export individual activities as PDFs to our school’s LMS and get students to complete them after I’ve administered a pre-assessment or assessment.

These are ‘theoretical progressions’ – some teachers have theorised that learning takes place in this order. We have also done a ‘pairwise’ comparison on them so we are relatively confident that vertical height is a proxy for difficulty.

If you have any ideas for improvements to these documents I would love to hear from you!