As a conference presenter:

Fantastic session that was very useful for ideas. 

This was my favourite session of the day. Ben is an incredible resource. 

Ben is the genuine article! Inspiring session.

This was genius and I hope to hear Ben speak again.

 I cannot wait to use these ideas across all my classes.

Ben’s session was excellent. He provided great ideas.

Ben showed great creativity and was very thorough in explaining his ideas. 

Fabulous, excellent, inspiring!

Will fight to implement this in my classroom – fantastic!

By far the best presentation I was at over the two days.

He has given assessing in history real thought and reflection with practical ideas [about] how to target teach students.

Fantastic. One of the best presentations in a long time.

Great session which really made me think about how I create rubrics currently and how I can tweak mine.

This guy is a massive asset and so glad he’s keen to share.

Year 6 student feedback about EarthCraft

Earthcraft teaches you about geography and things that happen around the world. A skill I have learned is working better with a group.

I learnt that being a leader is hard work. Skills I learnt while playing EarthCraft were leadership, pride in my peers, and helpfulness.

I liked that it was very challenging.

It was a great experience.

I learnt to be smart and think outside the box and to use your money wisely and to have fun. 

It makes you think about the world and all it’s problems.

I liked how EarthCraft mostly gives us real life problems that are hard to solve in real life, and because they are so hard to solve we never have a lack of things to do during the game.

Playing EarthCraft has taught us all some great leadership skills. We all have to take on responsibilities for our roles. We have all learnt to trust one another and communicate well with each other.

Parent feedback about Ben’s teaching

[Student] has thoroughly enjoyed Humanities and all of the topics that were covered in class. He speaks so highly of you, and for this, I thank you. You’ve been a wonderful role model to him. [Student]has also enjoyed the conversations he’s had with you.

Ben teaches [student] (and all students I’m sure) from a different point of view, with a different approach and belief in her. [Student] truly feels important in his class and respected as a student. This encourages her to try harder and be the best she can possibly be.

I would like to thank you for what you have done with [student] in a short time. She really admires you and talks about you constantly and wants to do better which for me is a massive achievement for her.